About Us


We want you to feel renewed and refreshed every time you drink our coffee. Life can be challenging sometimes and we hope we can always be there to help you take the next step.

When you buy our coffee you are doing more than just supporting yourself, you are supporting our family run business, the farmers who grow the beans we use, and the charities we partner with.

Our mission at Canteen Coffee Roasters is to roast and deliver the best tasting coffee from farmers around the world who are paid more than a living wage and support our community and the causes we are passionate about.


Our family includes Mark & Tori, and Lance & Laurie. And if we haven’t already confused you with the rhyming names, Mark and Laurie happen to be brother and sister.

Mark and Lance head up roasting and operations while Laurie and Tori keep everything together and looking pretty (including our littles, Scout, Sawyer, and Finn).

We all currently have day jobs. Mark is the Principle Design Engineer at Dynovas and Lance supports and assists his fellow veterans at CalVet. Both Laurie and Tori are educators teaching at local elementary schools.


We only source FarmGate™ beans ensuring not only extreme quality but that farmers are getting paid 50-100%+ over Fair Trade pricing. What this actually means is it ensures that the farmers who spend their lives cultivating and caring for our coffee beans are paid beyond a living wage. This in turn produces farmers who are proud of their crop which then yields some of the highest quality and most delicious beans in the world. Quality you can taste and feel good about!